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Load Development & Accurizing

Reloading Tools & Accessories


Custom Load Development

Cassie Nienaber’s excellent knowledge and professional demeanour make him the ideal person to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to reloading.

From the inspection of the weapon, the measurements of the weapon, the mounting of telescopes to the charge development is done in a scientific way.

All variables are eliminated, and his approach leave you with easy choices of bullets and propellant. The use of the Gordons Reloading Tool brings together all the data from the loads and the shooting range to give scientific sound predictions of loads. No more “Dark Science”.

This equates to confidence in your equipment and self-confidence on the shooting range and on a hunt.

Furthermore, the hand loading equipment that he provides are of superior quality and makes reloading easy.

Since Cassie helped me, I shoot MOA groupings regularly.

I have already recommended Cassie to several hand loaders and would gladly do so again.

Cassie, thank you also for your friendship and patience with all my questions.

Johan van den Berg – Cullinan

Custom Load Development


Baie dankie vir al die moeite wat jy met my ingesit het. Van die eerste oproep af, amper 3 jaar gelede.

Working with Cassie to develop a load for my Steyr 243 WIN rifle was an absolute delight! Not your average reloading enthusiast, Cassie brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the science of ballistics to the table. His approach is grounded in years of data-driven practice, setting him apart from the rest.

Beyond his impressive credentials, Cassie’s friendly and upbeat demeanour makes the process both enjoyable and enlightening. He’s a joy to be around and eagerly shares his knowledge, leaving no room for guesswork. Thanks to his guidance, my rifle now achieves groupings that eluded me for years.
I can’t recommend Cassie highly enough. Whether you’re aiming for improved accuracy or seeking to bolster your confidence, tapping into Cassie’s expertise is a game-changer. Don’t hesitate to enlist his services—it’s a decision you won’t regret!

Hermanus van der Linde (Chairman IntegriSure) – Roodepoort

Custom Load Development

Working with Cassie Nienaber was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. His methodical approach to inspecting my Blaser .234 WIN rifle and developing loads was nothing short of impressive. Cassie’s dedication to testing various bullets resulted in consistently achieving 6 shot groups in the sub-MOA category, ultimately delivering a load that was exceptionally accurate, time and time again.

What truly stood out was Cassie’s meticulous attention to detail and unwavering passion for his craft. He leaves no stone unturned, meticulously examining every variable to ensure the utmost precision. His wealth of experience shines through, proving there’s simply no substitute for it.

I wholeheartedly recommend Cassie Nienaber to anyone seeking unparalleled expertise and results in rifle inspection and load development. Thank you, Cassie, for your outstanding work!

Sandro Geyser (CEO IntegriSure) – Roodepoort

Andre Malan - Shot placement

“Andre shot himself.
With rounds he loaded himself.
With my recipe and as I taught him.” – Cassie Nienaber

Custom Load Development

I have a variety of calibres and with the lack of availability of reloading components, it has become quite a challenge to keep every rifle accurate. Load development was becoming so daunting that I stopped using most of my rifles. Fortunately, Cassie came to my rescue with his thorough knowledge and understanding of doing load development the easy way, using Gordon’s Reloading Tool. Cassie is an engineer by profession and has a deep understanding of accuracy and ballistics. He travelled to my house in Paarl where he helped me to get my shooting and reloading hobby back on track with easy load development and a great transfer of reloading and accuracy related knowledge – all this on my own equipment!

Andre Malan – Paarl

Pasgemaakte Ladingontwikkeling (Custom Load Development)

Baie dankie oom Cassie vir die tyd wat oom by my kom spandeer het.
Ek herlaai al vir n paar jaar, maar ek het gesukkel om konstante en akkurate ammunisie vir my wapens te vervaardig.
Dit wat oom vir my geleer het, het dit wat ek “geweet” het, heeltemal by die deur uitgegooi en oom het my geleer hoe om korrekte, stabiele en akkurate ammunisie te vervaardig vir my gewere.
Baie dankie vir oom se vriendelike en professionele diens en opleiding.
Dit word werklik opreg waardeer.

Johan Bothma – Senekal

Pasgemaakte Ladingontwikkeling (Custom Load Development)


Hello Cassie. Jammer vir die Sondag boodskap. Dog ek laat jou net weet ek het gaan inskiet vanoggend saam met die manne, met die jag en ek is baie baie dankbaar en baie bly oor my .300. Hy skiet baie goed. Baie akkuraat. Daai wat ek vir jou gestuur het is maar net op 100 meter, maar ek het eintlik baie beter geskiet as dit toe ons 200m en 300m toe gaan. Ek het ghongs geskiet – geen probleem nie. Dit was ongelooflik! Baie goed! Ek is baie bly, baie dankie! Baie tevrede!

Anton Becker – Pretoria

Pasgemaakte Ladingontwikkeling (Custom Load Development)

Cassie jy met jou kennis en jou passie om my te help maak ‘n groot verskil. Jy is n yster as dit kom t.o.v alle elemente van ‘n geweer en dan ladings. Dankie vir jou my maat!

Rufane van Rensburg – Vanderbijlpark


Nog terugvoer…

Beste oom Cassie

Baie dankie vir jou deeglike werk met al my vuurwapens oor die laaste paar jaar. Jou kennis en ervaring is van onskatbare waarde. Almal wat ek na jou toe verwys het praat met lof van jou dienste. Oor die jare het jy my verskeie kere gehelp met lading ontwikkeling en groepering tot ‘n mate waar ‘n mens gerieflik en met groot vertroue vêr skote baie akkuraat kan neem.

Gerhard Dirker


Wou net laat weet ek het die naweek springbokke geskiet in die Karoo en my geweer was fantasties. Baie dankie. Waardeer baie

Herman Mentz van Kempton Park

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