Pocket Anemometer


Measure ALL the elements that affect Bullet trajectory-Wind Speed; Bar Press etc

Measure ALL the elements that you need as input for Bullet trajectory:

Wind Speed: 2~100km/h (ft/min, knots, mph, m/s);
Temperature: -20~60°C (°F);
Barometric pressure: 300~1 100hPa (ATM, mbar, inHg, psi);
Altitude: -500~9 000m;
Humidity: 0~100%RH;
Wind chill: -40~10°C (°F);
Dew point -40~60°C (°F);
Illumination 0~55 000lx (fc) To measure, lift rubber cover on top;
Size: 122*48*21mm;
Comes with: Batteries and Carry strap.


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